Independent Midwife

Sue Learner

58 Bellevue Crescent

Clifton Wood





Tel: 0117 9276131




Sue Learner, an independent midwife in Bristol, offers midwifery consultations and if necessary at very short notice regarding:

  • making informed, individualised decisions for pregnancy, labour and birth

  • previous labour and birth difficulties and post-natal depression

  • debriefing following labour and birth or prior to a further pregnancy

  • labour and birth preparation

  • personalised breast feeding support

  • information on Bristol's Maternity Services and how to access these services

  • how NHS Maternity Services can successfully comply with one's own informed decisions

  • information on doulas, acupuncturists, osteopaths and other non NHS maternity workers

  • personal support for doulas and ante-natal teachers



These meetings can take place in the midwife's home or in certain circumstances in the woman's home.

April 2020 update: Consultations may now be done by 'ZOOM' following a phone conversation.

Please phone or email Sue for further details.